General Terms Of Service

Terms of lease agreement

Drivers aged over 21 and under 72 are allowed to rent a vehicle from Funny CARS PFC in addition, must have a legal driving license of more than one year.

For the receipt of the vehicle it is important to provide the following necessary documents:

  • European driving license or International driving license in force.
  • Name or Passport in effect
  • Credit or debit card or cash, if there are no cards.

The card is used as a guarantee in case of damage.

A hired car can also be driven by a second person if it has the necessary legalization documents at no extra cost and once it has been stated in the contract at the beginning of the lease.

Collection and delivery of the vehicle

Upon receipt of the vehicle, the lessee will have to check its delivery control form to confirm any existing damage.

The vehicle is delivered full of fuel and it must be returned with the same amount of fuel. If it is returned with less fuel, except the cost for fuel there is an additional one-time "Cash Service Fee" of € 10.

Extending the rental time of the vehicle

In cases where the lessee wishes to extend the rental of the vehicle for longer than the original agreement, he should contact Funny CARS IKE 48 hours before the end of the lease to renew his contract, if feasible. If the vehicle is returned in less than agreed time, the difference remains in the benefit of the company.

Upon the expiry of the agreed lease, the Lessor allows the Lessee a grace period to return the car for up to 30 minutes at no charge. Delay of up to 6 hours is charged with 50% of the daily rent. Over 6 hours delay, 100% of the daily rent is charged.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation is possible if it is conducted 48 hours in advance of the vehicle's pre-determined pick-up at no cost. If you cancel your reservation later than 48 hours before the time of pick-up or if you do not pick up the vehicle, all the money you have paid is kept as a compensation fee.

Change of reservation is allowed up to 48 hours before the time of pickup, subject to availability. If the cost of the modified reservation is greater, the difference will have to be paid at the time of the change. If the cost of the modified reservation is lower, no refund will be made.

Cancellation can be made by calling (+30) 694 654 9070 or (+30) 690 872 7575of our company or by sending us an email.

  • Piraeus Bank
  • Beneficiary: ΣΑΝΝΥ ΚΑΡΣ ΙΚΕ
  • ΙΒΑΝ: GR82 0171 2010 0062 0114 3371
  • Account Number: 62 0114 3371

Terms of Payment

The lease is paid either in cash or by debit or credit card. When selecting the method of payment in cash, a credit card is required for commitment of the amount of liability in accordance with the terms of the company, which will be released at the end of the lease if the stipulated terms of the contract are met. If you have provided debit or credit card information to pay for the rental, you are expressly authorizing Funny CARS PFC to make any relevant charge under these terms and General Rental Terms.

Place of pick-up and delivery of the vehicle

Car pick-up's and deliveries are made at Kavala's office and Kavala airport at no extra cost.

Distances of up to 30 km are charged at a fixed cost of 15 €. Distances over 30 km are charged at € 0.30 / km. Pick-up or delivery of the vehicle out of working hours is subject to € 25.

Geographical limits of vehicle

It is forbidden to leave outside the boundaries of Greek territory with the vehicles. Only with the prior written consent of the Lessor.

Carriage of the vehicle by boat is only permitted with the written consent of Funny CARS PFC and in case of damage no insurance coverage is provided.

Additional facilities

Funny CARS PFC Customer Service offers the following benefits at the lowest possible rate

  • GPS 3€ per day with a maximum charge of 45€
  • 1st child seat 2€ / day with a maximum charge of 30 €
  • 2nd baby seat free of charge
  • 24-hour road assistance

Unlimited mileage for the entire rental period, except for the 2-day lease in which there is a mileage limit of up to 150 kilometers per day. Exceeding the mileage limit is charged at 0.20€ per kilometer.


All fines and administrative penalties arising out of the driver's fault are fully borne by the Lessee. In the event that the infringement results in the removal of a license plate or a marketing authorization, the Lessee will be charged a minimum of three extra days of rental.

The Lessee is responsible for:
  • Damage caused to the Lessor's vehicle or to third parties due to intent, negligence or misuse of the vehicle (for example, in addition to vehicle specifications, overloaded or incorrect loading, use on unpaved roads, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs / substances, or illegal loads, engine overheating, etc.).
  • Damage caused by misuse of fuel.
  • Damages resulting from breach of the terms of the contract.
  • Damages caused by natural disasters, terrorist acts, malicious acts or riots.
  • Damage caused to the underside, the roof, the antenna, the mirrors and the tires of the car.
  • Damage caused during the Lessor's car was on a boat / train or other means of transport.

Funny CARS PFC will, where appropriate, be liable for any damages you will suffer as a result of the breach of the present document by Funny CARS PFC, provided that such damage is the foreseeable and expected consequence of such breach, in the circumstances and in each case. The amount of the damage can in no case exceed the rental cost.

Funny CARS PFC is not responsible for indirect damages, which are incidental to the main damage (for example: loss of profit or loss of opportunity, etc.)

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