Frequently Asked Questions

About The Driver

Drivers over the age of 21 and under 72 are allowed to rent any vehicle from FUNNY CARS PFC and must have a legal driving license of more than one year.
A hired car can be driven by a second person if it has the necessary legalization documents at no extra cost and once it has been stated in the contract at the beginning of the lease.
Funny Cars does not charge you with a deposit amount.

About the vehicle use

No, there is no such possibility.
Car pick-up and deliveries are made at Kavala's office and Kavala airport at no extra cost.Distances up to 30 km are charged at a cost of 15 €. Distances over 30 km are charged at € 0.30 / km. Pick-up or delivery of the vehicle out of working hours is subject to € 25 fee.
The driver-lessee bears sole responsibility for any damages to the lessor's vehicle caused by driving on unpaved roads.
If the vehicle is returned in less than the agreed time, the difference remains in the benefit of the company.             Upon the expiry of the agreed lease, the Lessor allows the Lessee a grace period to return the car for up to 30 minutes at no charge.             Delay of up to 6 hours is charged with 50% of the daily rent. Over 6 hours delay, 100% of the daily rent is charged.
Please contact us at our company's telephone numbers to allow us to take the necessary actions.
It is forbidden to leave the vehicles outside the boundaries of Greek territory. Only with the prior written consent of the Lessor, is it allowed.             Carriage of the vehicle by boat is only permitted with the written consent of FUNNY CARS PFC and in case of damage no insurance coverage is provided.
Civil liability to third parties for material and physical injuries, legal protection, driver personal accident as well as 24-hour road assistance. Extra insurance options at extra charge.