Funny Cars PFC Vehicle Rent Services

Funny Cars PFC is a new company based in Kavala, continuously developing in the vehicle rental industry, by providing high quality services to its clients.

Having a fleet, that consists of cars and scooters, provides security, comfort, trust, but above all economy.

Our main concern is the excellent service, consistency, responsibility and, above all, competitive prices.

Respect for the individual needs of each client and at the same time the desire of the company for his satisfaction is the main pillar of continuous improvement of its services as well as the development of new.

Funny Cars PFC is a new value in its business and is therefore rewarded by customers who have so far been trusted.

Collaborate with us and enjoy a unique experience.

Why Choose us;

Huge Experiences. Infinite Choises. Superb Prices!





What our clients say about us

"It was the second time we hired a car from Funnycar. A truly positive experience, both times, from communicating with the person responsible for picking up and delivering the vehicle. We were given many choices and we were simply impressed by how flexible they are. (*Translated)


Maria Malama

"I had the opportunity to rent several times with them, and some of my impressions are good value, serious owner and many choices! I will definitely repeat when travel to wonderful Kavala. Thanks and good luck!(*Translated)



"We had a great experience using Funny Cars, our bus took us from the airport and the pickup of our car was very simple. Delivery was just as easy. We will definitely use Funny Cars again.(*Translated)


Liza K.